DE-STRESS – 5 Ways to Feel Calmer, Now

In such a high-stress, fast paced society, how do we find ways to slow down??

It’s so important to take a deep breath once in a while, remember to drink water and to practice meditation for five minutes each day. Though these things seem small, they can make a big difference when it comes to fending off anxiety, depression and stress; all which are sadly very common in today’s world.

5 ways to De-Stress and feel better instantly

  • Stay positive! Have a laugh! It really is the best medicine! According to, “laughter have been found to lower levels of stress hormones reduce inflammation in the arteries and increase good cholesterol”. That’s something to smile about!!
  • Exercise daily! Every time you do something physical with your body weather on a walk or on a run, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel good! This tactic helps to clear your mind, and have you feeling and looking better!!
  • Meditate! Taking five minutes to remove yourself from distractions and calm yourself to find your breathing, while centering your mind and body it’s beneficial to you now as well as in the future.
  • Do one thing every day that makes you smile! Whether it be calling a friend or family member or taking a nap, make sure you do something to keep you happy every day! You need to be nice to you! You deserve a break!!
  • Unplug! While this is most likely the hardest one for all of us, it’s the most important. With your phone in your hand it will be impossible to escape stress. Take time each day, starting with even 10 to 15 minutes, escape the world and put your phone down.

Following these tips can help you lead a happier and more stress free life!



Songs that have kept me groovin all April long!

As April comes to an end, I have begun to realize that I tend to find a couple of songs I listen to repeat allllll month long, yet I never get sick of them!!

Follow me on Spotify to keep up with the variety!

These are the songs I have become obsessed with this month. I have recently started making monthly playlists because I have loved looking back later on and seeing how listening to a certain song can bring you back to a certain time or memory!

Follow me on Spotify and see how each month compares! For some reason, I am all over the place! I can’t help it!!! I love pretty much every kind of music, I can’t go a day without it!!!

Plug your headphones in, relax and open ur mind to some pretty sick beats!! This playlist doesn’t really have a genre, it’s all over the place! In a good way 🙂 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🙌🏼

Peta 2; Why You Should be Talking about It 🐳🐹🦊🐝

PETA 2 (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)- I have only recently heard about this anti-animal cruelty company, but I wish I had heard about it earlier!

I lately saw one of their campaign videos featuring Noah Cyrus, where they portray how Orca Whales are kept in captivity at SeaWorld. PETA 2 placed Noah in a glass cube to demonstrate how Orcas feel in their tank while they are on “display”.

I saw another video posted by PETA about an orca that had just passed away in the captivity SeaWorld named Tilikum. Out of frustration from being in captivity, Tilikum has killed three trainers in his lifetime. The cause of death from SeaWorld, “unknown”.

This majestic creature was featured in the documentary, “Blackfish” that shows the dark secrets about how SeaWorld really treats their whales.

The video continues by adding now SeaWorld could’ve done the right thing and created a seaside sanctuary for Tilikum to see the ocean on last time before he pasted, but they refused.

Horrifyingly enough, Tilikum was in captivity for 31 years. During those long years, Tilikum was bred 21 times. 11 of this offspring died before him. YOU WOULD THINK THIS WOULD GET SEAWORLDS ATTENTION!!! But no.

Tilikum should be the last whale to die at SeaWorld. He died in early January, 2017. He is finally free.

Do the right thing, BOYCOTT SEAWORLD!!! Those whales do not belong in a fishbowl, they belong in the ocean.

PETA has done countless things to help animals during their companies presence.

Together, we have:

stopped companies’ tests on animals

• done away with donkey basketball games in numerous schools

• celebrated dolphins retiring to seaside sanctuaries

• helped put an END to Ringling Bros. circus—as of May 2017, the saddest show on Earth will end all performances, putting a stop to over 145 years of animal abuse and exploitation

• won students the right to opt out of classroom dissection

• helped shut down hoarding facilities masquerading as “no-kill” shelters

• demanded that the University of Wisconsin-Madison end its cruel experiments on cats

• persuaded clothing giants like Forever 21, Calvin Klein, PacSun, GUESS, and more to stop selling angora, wool, or fur

• pressured commercial airlines to stop shipping monkeys to labs

• seen vegan options explode in cafeterias across the country!


Do your research and see how you can make a difference in animals lives as well, and help change history! Visit to see how you can help. 🐥🐬🐳🐋🐶🐹🐨

I was Vegan 🥑🚫🥩 for a Week

And I loved it!! Watch my grocery shopping vlog below to see how I got my week started!!

Back in March of 2018, after going on an internet deep dive, I began to wonder I’d become a vegan would really be that hard…

A lot of famous people are Vegans, and even a good amount of my friends.

Being a vegan means eating food that has no animal products in it. No meat, fish, cheese or dairy.

I was looking for a way to cleanse my body at the time, and I figured there is no time like the present! I never tried being vegan before, not because I am against it, in fact I could not be more for saving the animals! But because I thought it would be hard and expensive. I headed of to the grocery store and I learned that I was WRONG!!

This video shows clips of me shopping and then discussing what I bought! All under a budget is $50! (sorta) 🙂

The aftermath:

Some recipes I used and I LOVED:

Vegan Strawberry Chia Seed Jelly, homemade! I LOVED this jam, it was super sweet and went well with everything!

Vegan Pasta Salad! I made a bunch of it and had it a couple times during the week in different ways!

Vegan pasta salad with homemade dressing, quinoa, meatless chicken tender and a half a avocado! 🥑🥑🥑

Speaking of the meat-free chicken tenders, I also used them in a wrap for lunch one day! They taste like the real thing! I added Dijon mustard, tomato and lettuce!

One of my favorite dessert/snacks that I had were the some homemade peanut butter balls with dairy free chocolate chips and honey!

Another day for lunch, I had back beans, rice and siracha hummus! Kept me full all day!!!

The only downfall I experienced with being a vegan was going out to eat. Some restaurants don’t offer very many vegan restaurants and it can be kind of a hassle to have to remind your friends and family that you can’t eat certain places because of the new dietary resrestrictions.

When I went out with my sister, we went for dinner at Which Wich, a sandwich shop.

I order a lettuce wrap instead of bread, (while eating a vegan diet, I found myself eating a lot of carbs to curb my hunger, so wherever I could cut bread, I would. I had avocado, beans and rice inside and with some seasoning, and it was really good!!!

Overall, I LOVED being a vegan! You feel better, you have more energy, and you are saving the animals!!!! It’s much easier than you think, you should try it! Who knows, maybe you are meant to be a vegan!!! Happy eating!!! 🥑🥦🥒🚫🥩 🌱

Things I wish Someone told me when I was in High school…


As graduation season is quickly approaching, I can’t help but reminisce on my high school graduation last year. It feels like it was YEARS ago. (Newsome class of 2017 heyyyyy!)

My sister is graduating high school in May (and I am graduating Community College with my associates degree in May as well 😋)and while I was in high school I grew close with a lot of now, high school seniors, so I am VERY excited to cheer on my kiddos when graduation finally arrives.

Walking across that stage did not only symbolize the end on the intermediate school career, but it also symbolized the end of an era for me.

High School is something that is a bottom line constant in most people’s lives, yet those four years are different for everyone.

For me, high school was the time of my life. Don’t worryyy, it wasn’t my peak though!

I was so excited to go to school everyday and see some of my favorite teachers, and my friends and to see how fast we could make the day go. I looked forward to passing periods where I met up with friends before our next classes and talked about whatever everyone else was talking about, of course.

I loved pep rallies, cheering in the student section a football games, Homecoming dances, and Prom. Dressing up for spirit week, going to Relay for Life and Club meetings. You know, the typical High school activities that you don’t think twice about when you are in the thick of it. You are quick to forget those memories, but so easy to miss them.

I thrived on being involved throughout my high school career. I was a member of the National Honor Society, Secretary of the English Honor Society, and the Social Media Editor, Co Business Manager, and reporter for our school newspaper, The WolfTracks.

With a self portrait of myself I painted of myself in First grade, it’s like looking in the mirror honestly.

Though High School had some highs (hehe), there were most definitely my share of lows.

🌟First of all; friends, they come and go. Let me save you some heart ache girlies, half of the girls you swear you will always be ‘best friends forever’ turn out to be QUITE the opposite. Don’t be afraid to call the out when you feel disrespected but do your best to keep the peace. Odds are, you will still be seeing them around town, or at least in your feed…

🌟Drifting apart from people is normal, and sometimes it is for the best. Sometimes it is good to keep tabs though, and don’t let others drift too far…

🌟Boys are dumb. Except for when they aren’t. You get it…

🌟Live in the moment but TAKE A TON OF PICTURES! They are SO fun too look back on and reminisce the good ole days.

🌟If you want something, go for it! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! It is so cliché to say, but you do not want to look back and say “I wish I would have gone for that”, or “I wish I would have had the courage to say that”. If you want to be someone’s friends, go up and talk to them. If you want that officer position, go ahead and apply. If you want a better grade, stay in that night and study hard and prove them wrong!!!

🌟Be yourself! Another clique, but SO TRUE! When you embrace your true self, you are more likely to find people who are on our same wavelength. This makes everything more worthwhile, you become happier with yourself because you feel you have found your crowd, your people. Looking back, you will notice those people were apart of some long-lasting friend ships, instead of hanging out with people just to pass the time.

High School, though I have only been out for one year, I have learned is just like the real world. There are still cliques, its still unfair but its really, really fun.

Actually, High School brought me my VERY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Sabrina Sanchez. (@sabrinasanchez1) She went through the ins and outs of public school with me, and I don’t know what I would have done without her. After we walked across that stage together, we have remained sisters. She knows me more than I know myself and I love her for it. Thank you, high school, for such a positive, vibrant person who I am never letting leave me. ❤

While you are still in this ‘hell hole’ called high school, my little seniors, make the most of it. Do all you can. Be all you can. And if you aren’t who you want to be now, don’t worry. You have your whole life to figure that out. This is just a stepping stone to the real you.

When you walk across that stage soon, remember to take with you the memories, the lessons; both good and bad, and the friendships that mean most to you.


High school has given you just a *pinch* of all capabilities you have, and the people you will meet and all the great times you will have. This is just another milestone. Here’s to more and more milestones crossed.

I believe in you, and I will be cheering for you!!!!

XOXO, Ina Mae


80’s and 90’s Iconic Movies that are still relevant today! 🎬🌟👏🏼

It’s hard to believe that 1980 was almost 40 years ago! But you know what they say, everything was better in the 80’s.

The Goonies, first hit theaters in the year 1985. Hopefully you have already blessed your eyes, mind and heart by watching this film. But, if you have yet to experience the magic that is The Goonies, it’s about a group of misfit kids who find out the are about to lose their homes to foreclose. In attempt to save it, the group finds a treasure map in their attic. With nothing to loose, they set out to find the treasure of an ancient pirate and hope to bring it back and be able to save their neighborhood.

But along the way, the Goonie gang comes in contact with a mother, Momma Featelli and her two sons, Jake and Francis, a family of crime lords. The gang goes on an adventure through an underground maze that is riddled with booby traps, all while trying to stay one step ahead of Momma Fratelli, as both want to get to the treasure first.

This film keeps you on the edge of your seat, while keeping you content with the amount of charm the Gonnie gang has to offer. They are a dynamic group of kids who are all fighting for the same cause, and when great minds come together, great things happen.

The Goonies, on their adventure, come across another son of Momma Fratelli, who she has locked in the basement because he has a deformed face. A member of the goonie gang, Chuck, befriends this man who they call “Sloth”, and Sloth helps the goonies conspire against and get to the treasure before Fratelli by distracting them. The main take away, is that we should not judge people just based on their looks. It is what is inside their heart and minds that is important.

This one is easily one of my favorite movies, to this day, and it is important to my family too! We love watching it, and my dad showed it to us when we were still young because “it’s important to see iconic films”, and he is NOT wrong!!

The TrumanShow, hit theaters in 1998, starring Jim Carrey. This movie freaks me out, but interested me equally as much.

Truman, the main character, is the first baby to ever be adopted by a television station and has every day of his life, live on television. Hi every move recorded though his whole life has been planned out for him. All of his family and friends are actors, but he doesn’t know it. His fear of water was instilled in him early on to discourage Truman from ever wanting to leave his home later on in life. The woman he really falls in love with, isn’t a good fit and isn’t someone people want to watch, and a wife that is hired comes into his life. All of his decisions are made for him. His life is broadcastes live 24/7, 365 days a year, a social experiment. It sounds terrible. But it’s the only life he knows. Although, Truman doesn’t know this…

This clip shows Truman putting all the pieces together in his mind that he lives in a simulation, and he is about to step out into the real world …. But I won’t give away anymore!!! You can watch it Netflix, it just got added!

But it makes you wonder and really think… is our world real? Are we all being watched? Is our life decided for us? WEIRD STUFF!

Last but NOT least, 10 things I hate about you, is my favorite movie in the whole entire life. So I won’t be bias at all, not even one bit ….

Starring the dreamy, Heath Ledger (Rest in Peace) and the talented Julia Stiles, the two fall in love, uncoincidentally.

According to IMDb, the summary of the movie is as follows. I promise you will fall in love with it!

In the story, new student Cameron (Gordon-Levitt) is smitten with Bianca (Oleynik) and, in order to get around her father’s strict rules on dating, attempts to get bad boy Patrick (Ledger) to date Bianca’s ill-tempered sister, Kat (Stiles). The film is titled after a poem written by Kat about her bittersweet romance with Patrick.

The main takeaways are that you never know how much you needed someone until you don’t have them, people do things out of good, even when they don’t realize it. And it’s never to late to discover who you really are, and what you need. Do not be afraid of soul mates and don’t be afraid to let others get close to you! You love who you love, and don’t let that scare your own self.

Also the fashion in this movie is EVERYTHING! If this movie doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know honestly I’m worried for you! 🙂

The 1980’s and the 1990’s had the right idea! Fashion was better, film was better, everything seemed better. To celebrate, I’ll just have my own films fest rewatching these movies over and over pretending I got to live in the golden age that was the 1980’s.

Peace and happy bingeing!!! 👏🏼 🎬 🤩


Meryl Streep GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Spring is upon us! (To all my friends in nyc right now in the middle of this beautiful snow storm, I’m praying you see spring asap, trust me! 🙏🏼❄️☃️) So it’s time to get out with the old, and in with the new!

It feels so good to get rid of the the tragic tanks and shorts we all thought were cute last summer, and put all of our Christmas sweaters and turtlenecks into their hibernation spot in the closet.

Here’s my tips to get your closet ready for spring, and by keeping it as stressless as possible!

Tip #1: The clean out

You might feel overwhelmed, yet at the same time have nothing to wear. Ya, we have all been there.

Hilary Duff Clothes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I recommend pulling everything out of your closet. Every. Thing. This helps you to put into perspective how much you really have, and all the times you say to yourself “Ohhh that’s where that went!” or “I thought I lost this”, you should ask yourself a follow up question, why do I still have it if I haven’t missed it?

Tip # 2: The questions

To all the items you are having trouble wondering if you should donate, toss or keep, here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you choose what stays and what goes.

1. Does it still fit?

2. If I saw it in a store now, would I still buy it?

3. Would I be caught dead in it? (This is morbid I know, but it helps! Would you be caught dead in that halter top that may be really cozy, but clearly has not been flattering on you in the past year??)

4. Would I wear it again?

5. Do I love how I look in it?

6. Is it damaged?

If you answered no to any or all of questions 1-5, time to ditch it. Same goes if you said yes to question 6. (This one does have some leeway since some clothes damage can be considered cute or trendy, it’s more of a judgement call. But if it doesn’t seem like it would be ok if you were to stick a patch over it, then sadly it is time to part ways with that ripped t-shirt with the buttons coming loose.)

Tip 3: Hang your clothes back up in categories to stay more organized, and make it easier to see all the clothes that you do have.

Once you have decided what articles of clothes you are keeping around, put them all on hangers (if space permits).

Then, it’s up to you to make up the categories!

The yellow circle shows where I hung my blouses/long sleeve shirts. Next in between those yellow lines is my sweaters (Christmas sweaters included) and cardigans. Inside the yellow bar all the way to the right is my dresses, robes and long shirts. The blue arrows show how I hung up my camera bag, backpacks, fanny packs, purses and flea market bags, all where I can see them. I ALWAYS run late because I can’t find the bag I need, so I came up with the solution to hang them all in one place, so we will see how this works!

On the bottom rack, I have my jackets, tucked in the middle because the weather is getting warmer so I don’t wear them as much. All the way to the left I have all of my every day t-shirts and short sleeve t’s, all right in front of me when I open the closet door, easily accessible.

All of the clothes you decided to part ways with, ask a friend if they would like to take hem off of your hands. Try and sell them to consignment and ALWAYS donate when you can!! It helps other people, and it helps you!

I hope these visuals and tips help you to get your closet spring ready! I feel such a release getting rid of those clothes I never wear and just sit in my closet, and I love knowing that when I donate them, somebody else will love them, hopefully as much as I did!

PLUS, an empty closet needs to be filled…. so time for some shopping!!!!